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about immersivegames - About Us

Immersive Games is not your typical gaming blog. We cover life as it is, and life for us is all about video games. Immersive Games was created and launched back in January 2015 by Ms Rebecca Francis.

In 2015, she was working as anInstrumentation Technician at a small automotive company in her hometown, 2 Caradon Hill, Ullingswick, HR1, 5AU. Francis was a full-time technician but during the weekends, she was a game master.

She played many of the classic video games for various consoles. She is also adept in the world of interactive and online video gaming.

Immersive Games

Immersive Games started as a blog that reviews the latest video game releases back in 2015. The first-ever video game she reviewed on her blog was “Dying Light” by Techland released on January 26, 2015.

It was a great review that generated more than 400 readers in the first week of the blog. Francis continued to produce blog entries every single day about the latest video game updates, releases, and news.

Success in 2016

2015 was a big year for Francis and Immersive Games. It was the year she established the blog as one of the top video game websites active. In 2016, video game studios approached Francis to promote video games on her blog.

Francis then refused the payment given that she was already keen on reviewing every new release that year. With several new releases for different platforms coming in, she needed more manpower to help her produce blogs.

Immersive Games started as a one-man team and then 5 people including Francis, and now, 70 professionals strong. Immersive Games is a dome for an everything video game. The blog now has more than 70 professionals producing great content for video games.

Immersive Games Mission

After more than 5 years, Immersive Games remains one of the top video game blogs in the United Kingdom. The blog now has more than 800,000 readers across the UK with 6,000 daily readers daily.

Our mission is to get people engaged in video gaming and for that, we mean responsible video gaming. The content of these video games doesn’t fully reflect the opinions of the developers and the people behind them. However, for many people, video gaming is a way to make money.

We want to promote video games and all of its aspects in a way the promotes positivity and being proactive among many people.

If you want to write for Immersive Games, let us know today.