Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2020

2020 might be the last year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nevertheless, video gamers across the globe are excited about the release of several video game titles this year. Here is a list of the most anticipated video game releases of 2020.

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” was one of the most successful video game releases of all time. The game was first released back in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and the remastered version for PlayStation 4 on July 29, 2014.

For many years, millions of gamers around the world waited for the next chapter of the action-adventure zombie game. The next chapter is scheduled to be released on May 29 this year.

The story now follows Ellie and Joel, five years after the pandemic that made most of humanity in the United States craving for human flesh. The pair are now living in Jackson, Wyoming with a community made up of survivors.

Thinking they finally found peace, their lives are struck down against by the infected and “more desperate survivors.”

Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2020 The Last of Us - Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2020

Ghost of Tsushima

Yet another video game about samurais. However, Ghost of Tsushima is said to be one of a kind in terms of gameplay, world design, features, and storyline. Development for the game was announced back on October 30, 2017, at the Paris Games Week.

The story follows the journey of a samurai fighting his way to free Japan from the shackles of the Mongol Empire in 1274. Instead of honouring the honourable way of the samurai, you are tasked to “forge a new way of fighting – the way of the Ghost.”

The game is said to be yet another punishing video game for its difficulty. Reports are suggesting the game will not have waypoints. Instead, players are tasked to remember landmarks and areas to explore the world to advance the story.

This will be difficult, given that the game will have an open-world map. Expectations for this game are high and everyone is hoping it lives up to the hype and even more. It is scheduled to be released on July 17, 2020.

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